July 4, 2005 and Yosemite

Greg and Kim were dying for some REAL sun, so we went back to CA for one week. Our housing community recently built a nice pool, so we had the kids over to test it out. On 4th of July, we did our usual thing...hung out all day at Central Park with friends/family, brought a bunch of food, and watched amazing fireworks after dark. This year, Judy, Smelly, Aria, Grover, Siriporn, Susan, and John joined us. A few days later, we (Greg, Kim, Judy, Smelly, and Aria) went camping and hiking for 3 days in Yosemite. We took the Mist Trail, got soaked (but it felt good), and hiked to the top of Vernal Falls. Soooo beautiful. A bear tried to eat us, but we threw some turkey jerky at him and got away. Whew!

(Click on picture to see larger image)


Katie and Aria

Aria and Pinecone (pet rat)

Pinecone running up Geo's leg




Our Premade Tent

Inside Tent

Bridalveil Falls

Mist Trail

Top Vernal Falls


Nevada Falls

John Muir Trail


Glacier Point

Greg and Geo - Yikes!

Our favorite rock



Aria and ladybug


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