Mexico 2005

What an incredible vacation! Dad was on a chemo break, so we (Dad, Mom, Judy, Smelly, Aria, Greg, and Kim) decided to go to Mexico for 2 weeks. This was a VERY difficult web page to create because we took around 600 pictures total. Anyway, we stayed in Cancun for a few days, then headed over to Xpu-ha Hotel. We climbed to the top of the pyramid in Chichen Itza, went kayaking, snorkeling, visited the beautiful, oceanside ruins in Tulum, walked the cobblestone streets in Playa del Carmen during a tropical lightening storm, ate like pigs since it was all inclusive, etc. We all fell in love with Mexico and even considered investing in real estate there. Dream, dream, dream...

(Click on picture to see larger image)

Our 1st Mexico Picture - Airport

Evening walks on the beach

We got our entire head braided!

Pyramid at Chichen Itza

Mom - terrified of heights

Kim making fun of Mom

Top of the Chichen Itza Pyramid

Temple of the Warriors

Climbing down Pyramid

Temple of the Warriors

Dad teaching Mom


Underwater camera works well

Kayaking for the first time

Evening partys at the hotel


Geo's Lonely Man Picture

We all want a hammock now

Snorkeling - fish were not very impressive

Greg underwater

There were iguanas everywhere

Mayan ruins in Tulum


Dad climbed a tree (sort of)


Tulum and the Caribbean Sea

Tooo Cute

Playa del Carmen (lightening storm)

Found Real Estate

Last Picture at Airport


February 19, 2005 - February 28, 2005

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