Taiwan 2005

Dad's doctor gave him the okay to travel again. So, Kim's parents decided to take all the kids and grand kids to Taiwan during Thanksgiving week. (another last minute vacation) It was Greg, Katie, and Aria's first time there. The rest of us have not been back in years. Taiwan has definitely changed a lot (for the better). Kim was very pleased to hear more Taiwanese being spoken in public than Mandarin. No flying cockroaches were also a plus. This vacation was not a relaxing one since there was so much to see in such a short time. But, we all had a great time and look forward to touring the south side of the island one day. We took a total of 542 pictures! Here are some of the highlights.

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Chiang Kai Shek Park


Street Performers

Roaming the park

Dad and Greg acting like guards

National Palace Museum

Our first subway tickets

Private karaoke and dinner room


Dad boogying to Funky Town






Inside the temple




Temple area overlooking Great Grandmother's grave site

Roaming the Temple



Dan Shui Bridge (old fishing town where grandma grew up)

Went on a boat tour




Dad thought his gloves were "cool"



Inside Subway

Ximen (where we lived when Judy was born)

Group picture taken by Greg

We got acid rained on

A really cool Starbucks at Ximen

Dad and Mom's old house is now a parking lot

Tower 101 (currently the tallest building in the world)

Tower 101 Lobby

View from the 89th Floor

We spotted King Kong

Miramar Fairy Wheel

Dinner with Tall and Fat Uncle

Dutch Architecture

One of the many Night Markets


Lobby at The Grand Hotel

Lunch with Mory

The Grand Hotel

Green Lake (Dad and Mom's old hangout)

Paddle Boats

Paddling by Suicide Rock

We let Geo do most of the paddling


Bridge at Green Lake


Katie and Aria threw darts at balloons and almost hit some people

Met with Michi's Mom for dinner

(look closely in the back)

Dad rented a private tour bus for the day

Katie showing off her bubble blowing skills

Chinese Cultural Univ.- Dad's art college where he won his 1st National Award when he was only a freshman

Geo snuck up on these strangers

Ocean Rocks

Mr. and Mrs. Ong joined us





The Queen's Head (natural formation)

The Queen's Head w/ all the Queens

Gold Mountain (an old gold mining town)

Gold Mountain marketplace



We each drank a 1 1/2 inch cup of award winning tea ($60 each)

Tea House Koi

View from the Tea House balcony

Lunch w/ Great Grand Uncle and family

Zombies in the hotel room

In the Subway

Out on the town

Illegal street vendors running from the cops


November 18, 2005 - November 27, 2005

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